Story Time Freestyle: Storytelling Game

Have you ever wanted to flex your creative muscles and come up with a story on the spot? Look no further than “Freestyle Story Time,” a game that challenges players to create a cohesive story using random words and a structured framework. With the help of a random word generator and the Pixar story spine framework, players must take turns creating a story, weaving a tale that is both unpredictable and entertaining. Whether you’re a seasoned storyteller or just starting out, “Freestyle Story Time” is a fun and engaging way to exercise your imagination and have a good time with friends. So grab your pen and paper, and let the storytelling begin!

Game Elements:

  • Random word generator: This generates a list of randomly chosen words that players must use in their story. The list could include things like “unicorn,” “desert,” “time machine,” etc. Use the Random word generator at the bottom of the page or the many available online.
  • Pixar storyspine framework: This is a framework used in Pixar’s storytelling process that helps to structure a story in a clear and concise way. The framework includes the following elements:
    • Once upon a time: This is the opening of the story, introducing the setting and main characters.
    • And every day: This is the main part of the story, where the characters go about their daily lives.
    • Until one day: This is the turning point of the story, where something unexpected or significant happens.
    • Because of that: This is the consequence of the turning point, showing how it affects the characters and the story.
    • And because of that: This is the second consequence of the turning point, further developing the story and characters.
    • Until finally: This is the resolution of the story, wrapping up any loose ends and bringing the story to a close.

Story Example:

Random Words: “Pirate,” “Pyramid,” “Time machine”

Once upon a time, there lived a brave pirate named Captain Jack.

And every day, Captain Jack roamed the seven seas, searching for treasure and adventure. Until one day, he set his sights on a mysterious pyramid in the desert.

Because of that, Captain Jack explored to find the ancient treasure hidden within the pyramid.

But because of that, he faced many obstacles, including treacherous traps, dangerous creatures, and rival treasure hunters. But with the help of his trusty time-machine, Captain Jack was able to travel back and forth through time, learning from the past and using it to his advantage.

Until finally, Captain Jack reached the treasure room, where he discovered a map that led him to the ultimate treasure. And with that, Captain Jack made a change in his life, using his wealth and knowledge to help those in need and become a hero to all.

Game Rules:

  1. Players must use all of the random words provided by the game in their story.
  2. Players must follow the Pixar storyspine framework in creating their story.
  3. The game ends when the story reaches the “Until finally” stage of the Pixar storyspine.

Game Modes:

There are several ways to play the “Freestyle Story Time” game, depending on your preferences and the number of players involved. Here are a few options to consider:

Single player: If you’re looking for a solo challenge, you can play “Freestyle Story Time” by yourself. Simply use the Pixar storyspine framework to add additional elements and build upon your narrative. This is a great way to practice your storytelling skills and come up with unique ideas.

Co-creation: “Freestyle Story Time” can also be played with a group of friends. Each player takes turns adding elements to the story. This can be a fun and social way to play, as you’ll get to see how everyone’s creative minds work together to craft a cohesive narrative.

Multiplayer: If you want to add a competitive element to the game, you can also play “Freestyle Story Time” as a contest to see who can come up with the best story. Players can take turns creating a story using random words and then present their final product to the group. The group can then vote on their favorite story or use a set of criteria (such as creativity, cohesiveness, or originality) to determine a winner. This option is great for those who enjoy a bit of friendly competition and want to see who can come up with the most engaging story.

Competitive Co-creation: Each player uses the same random word and compete to see who can come up with the most interesting and engaging section of the story. The most interesting section is voted by the group and the players compete on who can create the most engaging section for the next part of the Pixar story spine. The sections of the story must connect. Once upon a time… Everyday….. etc.

Advanced users can incorporate genre into their story as well as more words.

Tips to tell a story

  • Hero (Character)
  • Goal (What are they trying to achieve)
  • Obstacles (What is in their way)
  • Change (What change do they make to achieve the goal)

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