What We Can Learn from a Baboon: The Art of Letting Go

In the Kalahari desert, baboons are known for their intelligence and curious nature. One thing you may not know is they always have a secret source of water. The people of the Kalahari have figured out a way to make the baboons reveal this source of water, they use a “curiosity trap.”

They put some wild melon seeds in a hole then wait for a curious baboon to put his hand in and grab the seeds. His fist becomes too big to remove from the hole, and he becomes trapped. All the baboon needs to do is let go of the seeds to release himself but he doesn’t. The baboon is holding onto something he thinks is valuable without realizing that he is trapping himself.

Just like the baboon, we may cling to things in our life without realizing that we are trapping ourselves. This story can teach us that sometimes, it’s necessary to let go of these things in order to free ourselves.

Dave Chappelle famously used this analogy to explain his departure from the “Chappelle Show,” saying, “I felt like the baboon, but I was smart enough to let go of the salt.” Find the video HERE.

So what happens to the baboon?

He is fed salt to make him thirsty, he enjoys the salt so much he forgets he is trapped.

When he becomes thirsty, he is released. He is so disorientated he leads his captors to his secret water source.

Again this has a valuable lesson in understanding your personal value. The Baboon is tricked into revealing his valuable source of water. The baboon enjoys the salt without understanding their true intentions. This is something that can happen to anyone as we may enjoy something without realizing the real value we are giving in exchange.

Check out the nature video of the Baboon HERE