Engage Your Friends and Colleagues with Storytelling

Storytelling isn’t just about captivating an audience; it’s about taking them on a journey, making them feel a part of the narrative, and keeping them engaged.

When I saw this video of former NBA Star Iman Shumpert, I thought it was a masterclass in how to keep people hooked on your story.

Iman’s story is about a pivotal playoff game against Boston and revolves around LeBron James. In the heat of the game, LeBron called for a specific play repeatedly, even though the opposing team knew what was coming. Shumpert explains how LeBron’s confidence and insistence on running the same play left everyone, including the opponents, in awe.

What can we learn from Shumpert’s story? So we can engage our friends and keep them hanging on every word?

Set the scene:

Shumpert uses vivid descriptions to set the scene – the playoff atmosphere, LeBron’s actions, and the opposing team’s reactions. This paints a picture for your audience, making them feel like they’re right there with you.

Building Suspense:

He keeps the suspense alive by explaining how LeBron confidently stuck to his plan despite the odds. This creates intrigue and curiosity, making people want to know what happens next.

Character Development:

LeBron’s character shines through in the story, his determination, leadership, and power. By highlighting these traits, Shumpert makes LeBron the hero of the story.

Engage with Emotion:

Shumpert’s narration makes us feel the intensity of the moment as he describes the thoughts and feelings he and others are experiencing. “I have never seen power like that”

Repetition for Emphasis:

LeBron’s continuous insistence on running the same play adds emphasis and underscores the story’s central theme – unwavering confidence.

So, the next time you want to engage people with your story, set the scene, build suspense, bring your characters to life, engage with emotion, and don’t be afraid to repeat key points for emphasis.

Great storytelling isn’t just about the story; it’s about the way you tell it, drawing your friends into the narrative and leaving them eagerly anticipating your next anecdote.